My name is Brian Cattelle.  My life has revolved around photography since my early teens.  I remember developing my first black and white photo in my high school dark room – the ominous red glow of the light, the stink of chemicals, the trickling water in the background, and the anticipation as, moment by moment, my picture materialized.  From then on I was hooked.

During high school and college, I had the luxury of fully equipped dark rooms, but my circumstances changed after college.  I strayed away from photography for a few years.  Then one day, I found myself behind the lens of a decent camera again, and it was like being reunited with an old friend.  Once again I was hooked, and hooked I remain.  This is my life. Capturing moments in time. In those moments, I feel complete.


Grand Prize winner of the “Marlboro Black Book – Get the Gig” photo contest.

Marlboro wrote “As a black-and-white purist, Brian uses tone, shadow and his Floridian surroundings to weave stories into simple compositions. Through light and carefully crafted silhouettes, Brian runs his audience between the layers captured within the frame—a technique that showcases the moment but allows his subject matter to speak to the mood, place and adventure that now lasts forever, frozen in time.”


Recipient of a Juror Award of Merit in the  STREET/DOCUMENTARY Category in the International Fine Art Photography Competition

“It is with great pleasure that the International Fine Art Photography Competition announces that you (Brian Cattelle) are a recipient of a Juror Award of Merit in the  STREET/DOCUMENTARY category for your image entitled “Venice Beach Study.” Congratulations!

This is a real honor as your work was chosen by one or more of our jurors as one of their ten favorite images in the category. The award is a tribute to your talent as a fine art photographer and to the ability of your image to capture a juror’s attention from nearly 5000 images.”

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