Gummo Land

A series of original Polaroid photos inspired by the cult classic film Gummo. The series explores and celebrates the strange, awkward and weird.

To learn more about the motivation and inspiration behind the project watch this short video created by my dear friend and naturally talented storyteller and artist Kat Janis.

This collection is available as fine art prints. These fine art prints are a limited series and come signed and numbered with certificates of authenticity. Each print is 20×24 inches in size and printed and traditionally developed on ilford black and white paper. The prints are then mounted on an aluminum backing. The fished product is ready to hang, floating, and frame-less, or you can add a frame if you like. Contact me for more details at

The series is also available as an NFT (non-fungible token). These NFT’s feature rare 1/1 digital representations of a physical fine art photo prints created by Brian Cattelle. Check out the NFT collection at