spiritual beings having a human experience

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience. A photography project that explores the nature of our existence.

I am not firmly planted in a belief in the divine, yet I’m not entirely devoid of it. Undoubtedly, the cosmos holds forces beyond our grasp, a realm where the spiritual essence thrives. Love for example, stretches beyond temporal and spatial bounds, evoking a sense of spiritual transcendence. From a scientific vantage, 95% of the universe is dark energy and matter, leaving only 5% for the observable, tangible world we perceive. The mystery veiled within this darkness leaves us yearning for understanding, withholding 95% of the full narrative. We are made of light and energy—the very fabric of our existence intricately woven from these ethereal strands. When we factor in the spark of life, our inherent individualities, and the notion of a soul, we discover that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

This conviction fuels my latest photographic endeavor — an exploration into the experience of being spiritual beings. As we cross paths on the streets, we are just a blur yet there remains an ephemeral moment of encounter. Within this fraction of time, an exchange of energy occurs. This energy, a universal possession, binds us all, irrespective of our apparent disparities. The crux of this artistic undertaking lies in its ability to provoke contemplation on the very nature of existence and its intrinsic values. It beckons us to delve deeper, to reflect upon what truly matters, ultimately steering us toward enriched and purposeful lives. As minted on the blockchain it becomes a celebration of the intersection between spirituality and technology which embodies a profound acknowledgment of humanity’s quest for transcendence and understanding. In an age where technology permeates every facet of our lives, fusing it with spirituality allows us to explore the deeper dimensions of our existence and interconnectedness. It offers a bridge between the material and the metaphysical, enabling transformative experiences, mindfulness applications, and digital platforms that nurture spiritual growth and well-being.