The Meaning of Life

Do you ever find yourself pondering the meaning of life? Questions about God, religion, spirituality, purpose, and the vastness of the universe. Sometimes the questions are too much to bear, sometimes we get lost in the overwhelming concept of infinite possibilities. Maybe there is meaning in everything, each particle of light having a pre-determined destiny designed to perform a specific task geared towards a specific outcome.  Or maybe this all just happened by happenstance and there really is no meaning to any of it.

I remain open to both possibilities, but sometimes I overthink it and I find myself fearing the unknown. I often get a feeling of dread upon waking from midday naps, the weight of the vastness of the universe begging for some sort of answer. I take a step back, relax and try to understand that I am here now, and that’s what seems to have the most meaning. It’s in that very same moment, I realize my existence may have no meaning at all, at least when considering the vastness of an infante universe.