The roadmap for Brian Cattelle Photography NFT’s

The future is bright for Brian Cattelle photography in the world of NFTs. With my unique style and approach to photography, the various collection I create will always be something different and rare and I plan to do so for the rest of my life. With that being said we start our journey down this road with a project called Gummo Land

The first phase of this collection includes 20 images *first 20 collectors will be gifted a 1/20 nft

Once the collection of 20 sells out 10 more images (already prepared) will be released within 1 week and include a drop party in Twitter Spaces. *Existing collectors will have an opportunity to purchase first.

Continue this schedule until the collection has reached 50 at which point I will pause to evaluate and build and decide whether to cap the collection and 50 with the potential for a part 2 of 50 images or an additional 50 images to the existing collection.

Foster community growth and relationships through all available channels.

Build on Disciplinary Action, a collaborative NFT collection where artists create iterations of images from my photo collection in their own artistic discipline and style. (including Gummo Land). This growing collaborative collection fosters community and builds interest in Brian Cattelle photography. Iterations of existing collections build value. Disciplinary action NFTs will be released as they are created.

Click here to see the existing Disciplinary Action collection

Prepare the release of the BARE USA collection. BARE USA is a nationwide fine art photography project that delves into the study of natural beauty in contrast with man-made decay. This contrast is explored by photographing nude art models in abandoned locations. The collection will include at least one photo from each of the 50 states.

Click here for more information on BARE USA

Continue to build and prepare the release of “Mental State”. A new Polaroid collection. The initial release aimed to include 10 images with the goal of 25-50 total images

Continue to build and prepare the release of “The Meaning of Life”. A new Polaroid collection. Initial release aimed to include 10 images 25-50 total images

My goal is to stay focused on creating the most unique photography/art pieces on the market and add value to the collection through consistency and quality.

All NFT holders will get 25% off the purchase of any physical print available for purchase from Brian Cattelle Photography. Major collector discounts will be established on a case by case basis

This road map is not a legally binding document. The road map may evolve in response to the changing landscape.